Why I Called Off My Wedding With Actor Alexx Ekubo — Fancy Acholonu Breaks Silence

The internet has recently been set on fire as popular Nigerian actor, Alex Ekubo and his Fashion entrepreneur sweetheart, Fancy Acholonu reportedly separate few months to their wedding.

Recall that, Alex Ekubo asked his long time girlfriend, Fancy to marry him in Los Angeles, California, USA some months back, precisely on the 9th of May 2021.

They looked so happy, excited and in love as they splashed their pre-wedding pictures all over social media, even to the extent of having a joint Instagram page called falexx.

Things however came to an unforeseen halt on Wednesday, after Fancy reportedly called off their engagement and cancelled their wedding ceremony which was supposed to hold in November.

American-based model, Fancy Acholonu I followed to-be husband, Alex Ekubo on Instagram and deleted all their photos together.

She officially confirmed their split yesterday on her Instagram page and begged fans to respect her privacy.

Since then the American-based model has been greatly criticizing for her actions, she was speculated to have been the spearhead of the break-up since her partner Alex, has chosen to remain silent about the sudden turn of events in their relationship.

Many people showed how sad and disappointed they are about their sudden tragic break up while others chose to blame Fancy for deciding to break up their relationship without trying to work it out amicably.

However, Fancy's decision was firm and notable. If many more intending couples can take this kind of bold step, the rate at which divorce cases is being recorded among married couples will be greatly reduced.

Here are some reasons why Fancy was right in breaking up engagement with Alex.

1. A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage; this is an adage that most of us are familiar with, even though many persons seem to ignore it to their detriment.

Fortunately for Fancy, she made this realization before she ended up being caught up in a wrong marital relationship.

Intending couples are advised to go through the courtship stage to know themselves better. Courtship is a period where couples find out how compatible they are with each other.

Some persons decide to cover up their partner's irresponsible and horrible behaviour only to be uncomfortable with that behaviour after marriage, hence leading to divorce.

If you find out he/she drinks or takes hard drugs, which will make you feel uncomfortable after marriage, isn't it better to call off that courtship than end up with a broken marriage?

Fancy didn't wait for their marriage to be sealed before deciding to end things, even though she didn't reveal why she took that decision, the fact is that it must have been really bad and unbearable for her because she was so in love with Alex too.

2. She didn't ignore the warning signs; there are always warning signs in every bad relationship, that's why the Courtship stage is very important and shouldn't be treated with laxity, you have to observe closely that person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A wife-beater today would have displayed uncontrolled anger, use of force in getting what he wants and even physical abuse to his partner during their courtship. But some ladies out of desperation to get married and silent their haters, ignore these signs and end up in bad marriages.

3. Marriage is Forever; don't be deceived by the actions of many people today, who think marriage is just an agreement between two persons which can easily be called off when needs are. That is a very wrong notion, the word of the Lord says in Mark 10:9, "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

Marriage is an institution that lasts forever as It is for better or worst. After the marriage vows have been taken before God and some witnesses it becomes sealed.

However, courtship on the other hand can be broke when one of the partners realizes that the other person is not compatible with him/her, or indulges in ungodly acts like homosexuality, adultery and untruthfulness.

Don't ignore the warning signs and rush into marriage, just because you think all your mates are already married or you have come too far to start all over again. Your happiness should first come under consideration. People will always talk, but don't forget that this same set of persons will blame you for not being observant and wise when marital troubles come.

Always remember that it is better to be unmarried than to end up in an unhappy marriage.

God will see us through.

Stay blessed.

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