Reason Why I Wished My Ex Wife, Funke Akindele Happy Birthday - JJC Skillz Reveal

If you don't know, celebrity couple Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz are no more. This is now old news but in case you didn't know, the pair announced their split about two months ago. Fast forward to two days ago when Funke Akindele was celebrating her 45th birthday. JJC Skillz turned heads when he took to social media to celebrate Funke on her birthday. He posted a video montage of her with the caption:

"Happy birthday my darling mama ibeji 🎂@funkejenifaakindele I pray our children embody the goodness of God and be a blessing to generations.🙏🏽 Today is your day 🥳 celebrate and live to the fullest 🤩Long life and prosperity." to which Funke Akindele responded "Thank you so much baba ibeji. I appreciate it o. Amen to your prayers."

Now, during his latest appearance on TVC's eSplash, JJC Skillz opened up about why he wished Funke Akindele a happy birthday, as well as touching a little bit on the show that they both created together called Industreet. Here is what JJC Skillz said about the matter.

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First of all, speaking about the television show he and Funke Akindele created together called Industreet and how it pertains to the music industry, JJC Skillz said:

I did a whole three seasons of a show called Industreet and if you watch Industreet, I don't know, a lot of people don't get it but it's actually edutainment. It's not just entertainment, it's the truth about the music industry. When you want to sign contracts, what does a manager mean? Is your friend your manager? You know, who owns the masters of songs? Other things as well that are very important and people don't even notice. [Up] is the record label, [down] is the artist, and in the center are the investors. And really the investors are the ones that are moving this whole industry. And those are the people that you hear about when the artiste and the record label have drama because they pumped in the money. Now when it's time to reap, there's now some issues. So what I wanted to do is educate on that, and help with collaboration, and help people grow from there.

Then JJC Skillz was also asked: "You got the internet buzzing because you stirred quite a reaction. People were really pumped when you congratulated your wife Funke Akindele on her 45th birthday. How's the feeling to reactions from social media?" to which JJC said:

I think a lot of people are quite shocked to find out that I'm human. To be honest, growing up in England, and with my experience of having different baby mamas, the most important thing is the children. Just focus on the children and let all the drama go. And most importantly, have the attitude of gratitude. You know, we had almost seven good years of you know a loving relationship. So happy birthday to her. I wish her luck.

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