Meet 7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Mothers Without Getting Married To The Father Of The Kid's

Gone are the days when single mothers used to be stereotyped to the society but today is totally different. Their different celebrities who are among one of the strongest woman in the society. Here are 5 celebrities who are mothers without marriage.

1. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji gave birth to her daughter who was her only child when she was 17 years old. The actress as well has been keeping her daughter away from the media and the general public. Actually, the name of her daughter is Chimoebuka Nnaji. In an interview, Genevieve discover that her world became crashing when she discovered that she was pregnant as a teenager. She also said that she didn't knew that she was pregnant until her mother discovered it.

2. Linda Ikeji

The popular Nigerian celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji become a mother when she delivered her baby in a hospital in Atlanta, USA on the 17th of September 2018, which was 2 days before her birthday. One significant thing that made her pregnancy trending that time was because she used to preach against women having babies out of wedlock. The public were shocked to see their role model falling a victim of such coincidence.

3. Lola Rae

Lola Rae is a Nigerian singer and dancer british decent. She became popular after her hit single "Don't let me go" Its obvious that Lola Rae gave birth to a baby girl to a Nigerian singer Tekno without even getting married to him. Their relationship started lately in December 18 when Tecno will take pictures of them with her face hidden and by that time Lola Rae wasn't that popular in Nigeria.

4. Tacha

BBnaija reality Tv Show star is one celebrity who has suddenly became the concern of many, most especially her fans. For some time now, the reality Tv star has been flaunting this particular beautiful baby on her instagram page and twitter pages.

In one of her twitter page, Tacha confirmed that the baby is hers. This statement were not accepted by some set of people. But she said it anyway. If you could recall during her stay in Bbnaija, the picture of her and the baby trended on twitter while some twitter users says its her daughter and others says that it might be her younger sister. But now, Tacha has openly admitted that the little girl is her daughter.

5. Sandra Okagbue

Sandra Okagbue became the winner of Delta soap. She is popularly known to be the mother of Flavor first child. Even, if flavour refuse to accepts this child as his own at the beginning. Toady, he can't deny his little daughter who he has always showered with love. Apart from flavour, Sandra is also know to be the ex-girlfriend of Mikel Obi.

6. Anna Banner.

Anna banner is a Nigerian talent winner actress. She was currently the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in the year 2012, she also contest in the 2013 Miss world. Another thing that made her popular In Nigeria was that she is Flavour second baby mama. She gave birth to flavour second daughter.

7. Lizzy Gold

Lizzy Gold is a Nigerian actress. The actress is a single mother of two children to the same father. There was also rumors that said that the father of those kids is a married man. In an interview, she dispelled the rumor saying that the father of her kids is a single man. She also says that she was brought up in a christian household and she would never spoil someone else marriage.

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