Meet 12 Top Celebrities Who Have Twins : No 10 and 11 Have Double Twins!

Twins, twins, twins! Babies are cute, multiple babies are adorable! In the last few years, a number of our top celebrities have become parents of twin babies.

While we probably have over a dozen celebrities with twin children, this article has carefully selected twelve top stars in the music, movie and comedy industry who welcomed twins into their worlds.

1. 9ice : Singer Adigun Abolore Alapomeji popularly known as 9ice welcomed his twin girls in the year 2011. The singer who was previously married had a child with his ex wife before welcoming the twins with his Abuja based girlfriend.

The girls now 8 year olds are their father's copy and one of the celebrity twin we have in the country.

2. TY Bello : Celebrity photographer and singer TY Bello also welcomed a set of twin boys years after her marriage. The photographer's boys Chris and Chris are now grown and a delight to behold.

3. Damola Olatunji : The actor who married co actor Bukola Awoyemi welcomed a set of twins (a boy and a girl) about three years ago. The actors are one of the top celebrities who have been blessed with twins in the industry.

4. Teju Baby Face : Comedian Teju Oyelakin and his wife Tobi Banjoko joined the league of parents of twins in 2018 after six years of marriage. The couple welcomed their twins, a boy and a girl who recently clocked one.

5. Harrysong : Singer Harrysong is also a proud celebrity with a bubbly boy and girl who entered the world on the same day. The singer welcomed the twins with his Abuja based lover in 2017.

6. Funke Akindele : Nollywood star Funke Akindele aka Jenifa and her husband JJCSkillz welcomed their first children together in December 2018 throwing the internet in a joyous state. The twin boys will be one in a few days.

7. Akpororo : Comedian Akpororo is also a proud daddy of twin children. The excited daddy announced the birth of his twins in 2018.

8. Paul Okoye : Paul Okoye of the defunt Psquare group welcomed his twin babies in 2018 making him a daddy of three. Paul and his wife Anita announced during their pregnancy that they were expecting a double blessing.

9. Emma Nyra : Singer Emma Nyra welcomed her set of twins in 2018 and the adorable babies recently clocked one.

10. Taiwo Aromokun : Nollywood actress Taiwo Aromokun is a proud mother of two set of twins. The actress who is almost a twin welcomed her first set about six years ago and welcomed the second set two years ago. She calls herself the biggest twin ever!

11. Desmond Elliott : The actor turned political is a father of twins. The celebrity welcomed two set of twins with his wife.

12. Emem Isong : Movie producer Emem Isong is our number twelve celebrity who welcomed a set of twins, different sex and very identical!

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