6 Nigerian Singers That Have Been Arrested In A Foreign Country

In this post, you will learn about some Nigerian musicians who have been arrested in nations a foreign country.

1. Burna Boy

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Burna Boy was detained in the UK in 2010 for a gang-related stabbing case. He entered a not guilty plea, was sentenced to some time in prison. He was later released for good behavior after serving 11 months.

The self-described African Giant later left the country and returned to Nigeria to launch his music career.

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2. Omah Lay

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Omah Lay was imprisoned in Uganda along with a well-known Nigerian female artist, Tems. They were detained in December 2020 during their sold-out concert in Kampala, Uganda, and charged with negligently engaging in acts likely to spread an infectious disease (COVID-19). After his arrest, the hashtag #FreeOmahLay started trending on Twitter.

Omah Lay was held after the concert because the country had just come out of the coronavirus lock down. The Nigerian government and a number of celebrities attempted to gain their release.

3. Tems

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Because they both performed at the same sold-out performance in Kampala, Uganda in December 2020, Tems and Omah Lay were both imprisoned there.

Her arrest also gave rise to the #FreeTems. Tems and Omah Lay were eventually released after the charges against them were dropped.

4. B. Shmurda

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Bella Shmurda was imprisoned, fined 2000 Ghana cedis, and transported back to Nigeria. He was arrested and deported for using a fork to attack a medical professional after being notified that he had to be quarantined owing to a positive COVID-19 test.

5. Sinzu (known as "Sauce Kid" before his arrest)

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He was formally referred to as "Sauce Kid" before being apprehended in the United States. In 2017, when he was about to board a flight, he was arrested in Idaho, USA, for stealing over $15,000 using fake bank cards.

When the Carolina swine was taken into custody, he had $6,000 in cash and a tool for programming bank cards. He spent two years in prison. He tweeted after being freed that he had committed the crime and served his sentence.

6. Kizz Daniel

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Oluwatobiloba Daniel, better known by his stage name Kizz Daniel, is a Nigerian singer who was allegedly arrested in Tanzania for skipping a paid concert there.

Videos that went viral purportedly showed the singer's assembled crowd of Tanzanian admirers storming out in a frenzy and destroying the venue.

The Buga crooner was scheduled to play at the Warehouse, Old Nextdoor Arena in Tanzania on Sunday night as a part of his Afro Classic World Tour.

A video of a furious fan damaging the event's location showed up when he didn't show up earlier that day.

However, a new video making its way around Twitter depicts the musician being led into a police vehicle while donning a hooded jacket.

Although I only selected to mention five of the many Nigerian celebrities that have been detained abroad, if you are aware of any others, please let us know.

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