5 Lessons I Learned From My Failed Marriage – Ini Edo Opens up

At this point it is neither a surprise nor is it news that Nigerian actress, Ini Edo, was previously married to ex-husband Philip Ehiagwina from 2008 to 2014.

After six years of marriage, the couple surprised everybody with the news that they would be going their separate ways.

After leaving her marriage, Ini Edo has had time to look back at it, think, and take some lessons from the marriage.

Here are 5 Lessons That Ini Edo Has Confessed Her Failed Marriage to Philip Ehiagwina taught her.

1. There are no regrets

In her interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Ini Edo when asked if she feels any regret for leaving her marriage said:

I try not to regret my actions so I will say it has been an experience which I have learnt a lot from. It’s made me a stronger person, it’s made me wiser and I think it has actually made me more matured. So I won’t say that I regret anything; I’ll say that I learned my lesson.

2. You never know what would have worked.

One of the biggest criticisms that Ini Edo got after her marriage to Philip ended, which is also a criticism a lot of divorced people get, is that they didn’t try enough.

In the interview with Ebuka, Ebuka asked Ini why she thinks her marriage didn’t work and what she thinks she could have done differently. Ini said on why the marriage ended:

Basically there would never be a particular reason. You know how these things work, I mean, just like I said incompatibility… or not being able to reach certain compromises or finding common ground. You know when you’re with and you cannot find common ground or agree on certain things *sighs*

Because Philip lived abroad and Ini lived here in Nigeria, a lot of people said that it was the distance that ultimately tore the couple apart. But Ini doesn’t know if relocating would have helped. She said:

Maybe being together would have helped keep us together. Because it would enable us study and understand each other more. Maybe it would have helped but I’m not sure.

Maybe it would have, maybe it wouldn’t have. We never know.

3. Don’t hurry.

When asked if she felt she was too young when she got married, and if she thinks that could have been one of the problems, Ini Edo said:

No, I don’t think I got married too soon. I was pretty much of age but maybe in a little bit of a hurry but I don’t think I got married too soon

This hurry and the pressure society put on especially women to get married is something that has pushed many into quick and sometimes unhappy marriages. For Ini Edo, it seems like this was the case as well.

4. It’s more than you and your partner in the marriage

Ini Edo during her interview with Ebuka highlighted something that is very true and interesting. When asked if she feels like her movie roles affected her marriage, Ini Edo said:

I tried to keep my roles as decent as possible when I got married. Of course, naturally there are certain roles that you are not going to be allowed to play. Even if you are allowed to play them it’s not just your husband, you’ve got his relations as well, and even if he understands his relations might not.

More than just the husband, Ini Edo had to contend a lot with Philip’s family and their views on her career, her image, etc.

It is also worthy of note that after the marriage eventually crashed and Ini Edo came out to say she never cheated on her husband, it was Philip’s family, not Philip himself, who came out to slander Ini Edo’s name calling her a serial cheat and alleging that she followed big boys around town.

5. Keep your relationships private

Ultimately, the biggest lesson it seems Ini Edo learnt from her first marriage was to going forward, keep her mouth closed about her personal life and relationships. Since this interview with Ebuka, she hasn’t talked about her old marriage in depth ever since the way she did here.

Furthermore, she has kept pretty mum about who she’s seeing or dating, and when pictures came out of her rocking a diamond ring on her engagement finger and fans started speculating about if she had gotten engaged or not, the curvaceous actress did not say a single thing and has not said a single thing ever since.

I guess she’s learnt from the public harassment she got from her first marriage to keep her mouth quiet going forward as far as her personal and private life is concerned.

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