5 Celebrities Whose Children Took The Same Career Path As Them (Photos)

Most celebrities in the movie industry are not alone as their children have also taken the same career path just like them.

Here are some of them below;

1. Denzel Washington and David John Washington

The "Great Debaters" actor, Denzel Washington, started his career in the theatre, doing plays of Williams Shakespeare, before he gained recognition and went on screen. He is also a film maker and director.

David John Washington is his son who is also in Hollywood as an actor. Although he was first a sportsman (football player) before he joined the industry.

Just like his father, he is doing well and favors action movies too. The movie "Malcolm and Marie" had him and Zendaya as the only actors as it was shot during the pandemic in a house. David, like his father, has also won some awards in the course of his acting career.

2. Amaka Ezeamaka and Sharon Ezeamaka.


Amaka Ezeamaka is a well known Nollywood actress who has been in the industry for quite a long time and is renowned for her roles in movies like; Taste In Sin, Dusk, My Best Friend, etc.

Her daughter Sharon Ezeamaka is also a Nollywood star who started acting at a tender age. Sharon won the hearts of viewers with her remarkable performance in the movie "Little Angel" and she has since then done a couple of movies like; Sugar (An MTV series), Narrow Escape, and Burning Desire. They are both still active in the industry.

3. Eric Roberts and Emma Roberts

Eric Roberts is amongst actors that have stayed in the acting scene since 1974 and are still active. He is notable for his part in "King Of Gypsies" where he was the lead character. He has gotten a lot of movie credits since then.

His daughter Emma Roberts is also in the same line of career. She is a renowned actress and has gotten a lot of accolades for her works. She made an impression with her debut movie "Blow" and got a lot of attention for it.

4. Pete Edochie and Yul Edochie

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie, can be regarded as one of the actors who made Nollywood what it is today because of how talented he is and his contributions.

He made a name for himself for his character in Things Fall Apart, a movie adapted from Chinua Achebe's bestselling book.

In the same vein, his youngest son, Yul Edochie, is also a famous actor and director in Nollywood who have been active in the industry since 2007.

5. Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Will Smith is a famous American actor, rapper and producer. If you have heard the song "1000 Kisses" or seen the movie "Men In Black" then you should be familiar with him.

Since he started his career in 1985, he has been a force in the industry. His son, Jaden Smith, has followed his footsteps.

Jaden is a rapper and actor. He started acting as a child when he featured alongside his father in "The Pursuit Of Happiness" but he is known for his role in "The Karate Kid". He has so far won some awards for some of his albums.

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