4 Veteran Actresses Who Are Over 70 And Are Still Active In The Movie Industry

One would think that old age would stop some aged celebrities from acting in movies because of the health challenges associated with their age but many are passionate about their craft and wouldn't stop till death do them part.

This shows the extent to which they love their profession and it's always good to see that they still have the strength to function on set as other young actors and actresses.

1. Morenike Alausa aka Mama Ereko has been in the Yoruba movie industry for over 15 years. She's currently 77 years old and is still active in the movie industry. A few months ago, she produced a movie that starred popular diminutive actress, Aunty Ramota.

2. Idowu Philips aka Mama Rainbow is an award-winning veteran actress. She's one of the most successful veteran actresses in Nollywood. She will be 80 in October 2022 and is still active in Nollywood.

3. Lanre Adeshina Hassan aka Iya Awero is a renowned veteran actress in Nollywood. In the 1970s, she started acting alongside Oga Bello. To date, she's still active in Nollywood. Iya Awero is 71 years old.

4. Asunmo Mistura- Mama Asunmo is a renowned Yoruba actress and filmmaker. She turned 80 today and has been acting for 30 years. She's one of the aged celebrities who's still active in movie-making. Recently, she has starred in a couple of movies.

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