4 Comediennes That Have Become Role Models For Young And Upcoming Talents In The Industry (Photos)

The Nigerian entertainment industry have been able to produce some unique talents that are representing the industry on both local and international grounds, and among such talents are comediennes that are currently making waves in the industry on both tv and film. These comediennes have not only raised a platform for upcoming stars to use in the future, but have also become role models and mentors for some of them.

The entertainment industry is no longer as it used to be in the early 80s and 90s, when the likes of John Okafor, Sam Loco, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Nkem Owoh, Baba Suwe, Dejo Tunfulu, Omaladun Omidina, and several others were well recognized as the comic actors that ruled the Nollywood industry. The industry during such period, the industry was unable to produce much comic actresses compared to their male counterparts.

Hence, there was a gap which needed to be filled and the likes of Omaladun Omidina was not enough to fill such gap. However, things seems to have taken a new turn in the entertainment industry, following how the industry has been able to produce unique comediennes over time.

Such talents are currently making waves in the industry, following their continuous appearances both on tv and film. One cannot get enough of these comediennes to an extent that their continuous display of their uniqueness have made them to receive several nominations and awards over time.

However, among all the contributions made by these comediennes, I am thrilled by their resilience and determination towards ensuring that their names are heard across the different streets of Nigeria. Such characters displayed by these talents have made the industry to recognize other upcoming comediennes, and they have thus become a source of inspiration for them.

And so, following their continuous contributions towards the growth of the entertainment industry, by becoming a source of inspiration for upcoming talents, I have decided to enlighten Nigerians on who some of them are.

4 comediennes that have become role models for young and upcoming talents in the industry include:

1. Taaooma; Nigerian comedienne, Maryam Apaokagi, professionally known as Taaoma, is currently one of the leading comediennes in the entertainment industry. Her unique talent has been able to earn her lots of recognitions on the social media space over time.

The unique comedienne who acts as a mother, father and child in her skits, have continuously made Nigerians to laugh on different occasions. Taaooma has also become a source of inspiration for upcoming talents in the industry, following how bold she is, in addition to how she perfectly plays her roles in such skits.

2. Emmanuella Samuel; Nigerian comedienne, Emmanuella Samuel, have been able to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The comedienne who started at a very young age, has received lots of recognitions, nominations and awards from the industry over time.

Emmanuella Samuel's ability to perfectly play her roles in her skits despite her young age, sets her apart from other comediennes in the industry, and she has been able to utilize such fame gained through her skits in acquiring numerous properties for herself. Such unique talent have become a role model for children like her who wish to become comic actors in the future.

3. Real Sophy; Nigerian comedienne, Chisom Sophia, popularly known as Real Sophy, has been able to achieve prominence in just few years of her career as a comedienne.

The beautiful comedienne has acted series of skits with the likes of Sabinus and Nasboi, and uses her skits as a medium to educate her fans on the different aspects of the Nigerian society. The likes of Chisom Sophia have become a role model for young talents in the industry, following how she utilizes her beauty and talent in the entertainment industry.

4. Ada Jesus; Nigerian comedienne, Chinonso Ukah, professionally known as Ada Jesus, is currently one among the many leading comediennes in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The comedienne has been featured in series of movies, where she was able to display her talent.

Ada Jesus who has gained lots of recognitions in the industry, have been able to also inspire lots of young talents like herself, following how she has used such talent to acquire lots of expensive properties for herself.

These comediennes have contributed emmensely to the growth of the entertainment industry, and will forever be remembered for creating a platform for others talents like them to use.

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