VIDEO: Moment As Sola Sobowale Hugs Actor, Ijebu, As He Sang A Motherhood Song For Her On Set

I enjoy watching behind the scene activities of actors because you get to see them differently. Typically, we get to see their seriousness in movies and skits, but behind the scene, they are more relaxed and focused on fun

Nollywood legend, Sola Sobowale was recently on set with her colleagues like Ijebu and Bimbo Akintola, she is like a mother to many actors nowadays and that is how Ijebu related with her. When he saw her from afar, he hurried to her and sang a popular Yoruba song for mothers.

The interpretation of the song is that mothers are jewels of inestimable values which money cannot buy, my mother carried me for 9 months, and backed me for 3 years. Sola Sobowale danced and hugged Ijebu while he sang the song and even prayed for him afterwards.

She prayed the God will also honor him, and Bimbo Akintola couldn’t help but keep laughing at Ijebu’s warm gesture. When Ijebu posted the video, many of his fans liked it and someone even said it is impossible to hate him because of this kind of character.

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