Super Eagles Striker And Nollywood Actress Welcome A Baby Girl Together In Europe

When two people are in a romantic relationship, they usually want to start a family and live together forever happily. The official journey starts with a marriage and they start to build a new family when God blesses them with a child.

In December 2020, Super Eagles striker, Olayinka Peter, proposed to Nollywood actress, Yetunde Barnabas. They did their traditional wedding in April 2021, and their white wedding was in Lagos in June 2021.

After one year together, the two of them now have a child together and her name is Genna. The parents announced the good news on their social media accounts, they also shared the location of where she was born, and it was in Prague, Czech Republic. It makes sense because they shared photos of them there on vacation and that is where the new dad currently plays football.

The announcement was majorly about giving thanks to God for the addition to their family, and many Yetunde's colleagues congratulated them to the extent that I thought the whole of Nollywood was congratulating her.

Congratulations to the couple.

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