Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar, Speaks On Affair With Apostle Suleman (Video)

Information regarding Apostle Suleman’s relationship with the actress and how she falsely claimed to be pregnant while actually suffering from an illness that causes the stomach to enlarge was leaked by the anonymous blog Gistlover.

The page confirmed in a lengthy post that Halima Abubakar’s claim of having a child in the past was a lie to hide her medical condition.

“Okay, sometimes last year we woke up one beautiful morning and Halima posted that she just gave birth , I came after her so bad that she should stop lying and she debunked immediately with videos and pictures of pregnancy and even babies, a lot of people tagged me a liar, said I am e.vil, I don’t like good things , yen yen yen.

Now that the truth is out, why is it that people wait for me to bring up the gist before speaking up? Halima has been holding in her Suleman pain for years until I came to my conclusions and posted the gist, at which point she was able to speak up.

She claimed that after “knacking” Suleman for nearly two years during which time he was sponsoring her greatly, buying her a house, and other things, she woke up one morning with that pain, and that was the beginning of her problems. She was carried everywhere, and they all pointed to a single, powerful person. They claimed that even after the illness began, Apostle Suleman stopped giving her money completely.

You may recall that in my story from yesterday, I described how she was informed that the continuous bleeding she experienced for six months had damaged her womb. As a result, she had to cover her shame by using the Belle.

She was taken to various hospitals and tested for fibroid, but nothing was found. Eventually, the tummy opened and a lot of things started spilling out, and then the tummy started shrinking. During this time, she announced to the world that she had given birth and had to pay for a baby in order to avoid being questioned. A few months after the baby saga, the tummy opened and a lot of things started spilling out of it.

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