Nigerian Couple Lavish N3.5m On Cake Designed Like A Car, Roughly 5000 Eggs Used (Watch Video)

An expensive large cake that a Nigerian couple used for their wedding has caused online controversy.

They reportedly paid a bakery crew N3.5 million to create a cake in the shape of a Lexus SUV.

In a now-viral video, the bride and groom arrive at their wedding celebration while the cake is being remotely carried by their automobile, stunning the guests.

The vehicle cake was reportedly produced over the course of 7 days and required roughly 5000 eggs.

Watch video below;


kollytee239 wrote; If this cake should be 3.5 then why bob cake And papaya be always 5m 😂

teescrunchies had this to say: After I calculated 100 naira per egg as it’s sold in my area,the total cost of 500 eggs is 500 thousand Naira. The whole cake is how much again

evra13th commented; D groom smile self nor genuine abi na loan dem take for the wedding and people wey he dey expect disappoint am 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

wfpeggy26 noted; Wedding is just a day but after wedding, hope it would story for gods😂😂😂😂, na was o

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