Meet The Two Nigerians Ladies That Visited OPM In Search Of Actor, Kenneth Aguba (Photos)

Kenneth Aguba, a seasoned actor who gained internet fame a few weeks ago after being discovered on the streets and moved to a new residence, is once more trending on social media. This came after two Nigerian women went in quest of OPM in Port Harcourt.

The dramatic images that the women posted on their social media profiles received a huge response after being reprinted by a number of blogs on the platform.

Annastasia Michael

After it was reported that the actor had been promised a wife by Apostle Chibuzor, one of the women, named as Annastasia Michael, declared her love interest for the performer.

Recently, Annastasia Michael has been posting the actor’s Facebook posts as she announces her decision to wed him. When she went to the OPM church to hunt for the actor, she was wearing a personalised blouse with a photograph of him on it.

However, she said that her hunt for him had been fruitless. Furthermore, she doesn’t appear to be given up on her hunt; in a message on her Facebook page, she stated that she will go to the OPM estate to continue looking for him.

Ella Ada

After the star was promised a wife, the other woman, who has been identified as Ella Ada, also expressed her love for him. Similar to Annastasia, Ella frequently discusses the actor on her Facebook page. After the actor expressed interest in getting married to an Israeli woman, she recently asserted that her great grandfather is from Israel.

She made the trip down to Port Harcourt to look for the actor and, like Anastasia, was wearing a personalised shirt with a picture of Kenneth Aguba on it. She did admit that her search had been fruitless and that she would carry on looking at the land.

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