Meet The Only Tribe In Africa That Allows Women To Marry Many Husbands

In some cultures, men are permitted to wed more than one bride by African customs and traditions. But even if a woman is already married, there are some African cultures where it is acceptable for her to marry more than one man. I will provide you with all the information about the one African tribe that permits women to wed multiple spouses in this article.

Men are viewed as selfish by the Wodaabe tribe in Niger, West Africa because they are thought to be the gorgeous members of the tribe and always carry mirrors with them when they move around. In this tribe, the parents always arrange the first union. The most intriguing aspect of this tribe is that having a second relationship after marriage is not considered disgraceful.

Additionally, married women can select a different man to be their partner. In this tribe, wife snatching is often allowed and primarily takes place during the Gerewol holiday. The men dress nicely and put on makeup for this annual event. During this event, the primary motivation is to strive to win over other men's spouses.

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