I'm Ready To Sponsor Any African Who Can Create Phones For Africans - Billionaire Obi Cubana Says, Watch Video

A certain rich man from Nigeria has declared full support for any talented and creative person or company that can be producing cell phones for Africans.

The billionaire who goes by the name Obi Cubana, who made this clear in an Instagram video, declared that the idea has been in him for so long and has now decided to bring it to the light and express his support for such talented people.

According to him, he is currently not getting the reason why someone from his country or in Africa who is being able to produce such affordable and important devices which he is even using to communicate and to record a video for the world to watch.

"Why have we not been able….a black man, African, a Nigerian develop a product, affordable but has all the features like what I’m using to make this live video right now and say, This made by one of us, for all of us." He said in the video.

He further added that there are millions of people out there who have the talent to produce such devices similar to iPhone, Samsung and others.

"I’ve been wondering, all these guys that are Tech-savvy, youngsters. I know you guys are out there millions, thousands, tens of you. But I’ve been wondering why you’ve not been able to develop a telephone, a brand of phone. Just like we have Apple, Samsung, e.t.c." He said.

watch the Video Below

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