I Was Charged 6 Thousand Dollars (2 Million Naira) For Food -Angel Smith Reveals

Reality TV star, Angel Smith has been on a vacation in the Maldives for quite some days. She's wowed fans with amazing videos and lovely photos from her relaxing trip and the fun never seems to end for Angel Smith.

However, in a recent post made by Angel Smith, she revealed that she paid the sum of 6 thousand dollars for food. Taking to her Instagram story, she shared a video that shows the bill for her expenses.

A charge of 6,686 dollars (approx 2.8 million naira) could be seen written at the end of the receipt. She uploaded the video with a write-up that reads; "6 thousand dollars when I was chopping like a goat".

She then shared another video, showing that she's signed the guest's signature to pay the bill. Spending over two million naira on feeding might seem outrageous to some. However, Angel Smith didn't only spend on feeding, she revealed in a post made on her Instagram story some days back that the place cost 20 thousand dollars which is over 8 million naira.

It's amazing to see how the reality TV star has grown in fame and finance since the end of the show last year.

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