Checkout 7 Nollywood Actresses That Converted From Christianity To Islam (Photos)

A couple of Nollywood actresses have left their Christian faith for various reasons. Today, we are going to look at 7 Nollywood actresses that abandoned Christianity for Islam.

1. Adunni Ade: On April 26th last year, Nolywood actress Adunni Ade in a a long Instagram post revealed that she had converted back to Islam and that she felt happier and fulfilled doing so.

The biracial mother of two disclosed that she was born a Muslim but at some point left for Christianity. She is now a practising Muslim and is now relieved.

Check out her post:

2. Fathia Balogun: Star actress Fathia Balogun is another Nigerian celebrity who ditched Christianity for Islam. She was born a Roman Catholic and later became a member of the Cherubim and Seraphim. Fathia's conversion to Islam was a gradual process. During her school days at Kwara State Polytechnic, Fathia's life witnessed a transformation due to the close relationship and affinity she had with her Muslim friends. Later, she married actor Saidi Balogun who is a practising Muslim. That was when she fully converted to Islam. Last year, she went to Mecca for a pilgrimage along with her friend, Dayo Amusa.

3. Lizzy Anjorin: Nigerian actress and film maker in January 2018, revealed why she converted to Islam because of some pastor's attitudes towards her mother when she died. According to her, the pastor's refused praying for and burying her mother. She mentioned that only Muslims supported her during the period.

4 Liz Da Silva: The popular actress converted to Islam following the birth of her child. She is married to a Muslim. Liz stated that she preferred to be called Aishat instead of Elizabeth.

5. Vivian Metchie: Nollywood Star, Vivian was born and raised as a Christian but she switched to Islam because she was seeking for peace and truth. Explaining further, Vivian revealed that her decision was personal and that she understood the Koran more than the Bible. Her Muslim name is now Fareedah and her parents are supportive of her.

6. Lola Aloa: This actress also converted to Islam because of her roots. According to Lola who now bears the name Rhodiat, her father and grand father were both Muslims. She became a Christian because of her mother but decided to go back to her roots.

7. Laide Bakare: She was a Christian before she allegedly left her husband and married a rich Alhaji, Tunde popularly known as ATM

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