3 Nigerian Artistes Who Transformed Their Appearances And The Reasons Why

The looks of an artiste is surely an essential part of his/her brand. There have been various artistes who changed their looks for one reason or the other.

Below are 3 celebrities who have changed their looks over the years and the reason why they did.

1) Adekunle Gold

Around last year, 2020, Adekunle Gold decided to rebrand himself.

The artiste who seems to now have an alter ego named AG Baby switched his genre.

He used to be known for his highlife type of songs, but with AG Baby, he does more of Afro pop, which is evident in his project “Afro Pop Vol 1”

This switch made Adekunle Gold change his looks.

When asked about the switch in his fashion in an interview with Guardian.ng, he said

“Life is short. Why wear one thing or one style? Being creative is boundless, but the core of my fashion is ‘do I feel good in it?' If I do, I’m wearing it”

2) Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie is also one of the Nigerian Artistes who had to rebrand herself. The changes in her looks happened due to the fact that she went from an actress to a musician.

Angela Okorie acted in a lot of Nollywood movies and made a name in the movie industry until 2019 where she switched into being an artiste.

Of course, this switch also manifested in her looks as she dresses more like an artiste than an actress. Her new look can be likened to Hip-hop artistes as she had a lot of tattoos, changed her hairstyle and how she poses for pictures.

3) Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile, who is a popular Nigerian singer also had to change her look after she declared herself born-again and switched from secular songs to gospel songs.

Chidinma Ekile, who was known for making RnB type of songs in the past, switched to gospel songs and everything about her lifestyle changed with that. Her looks especially went through some changes also.

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