Top 4 Young Celebrity Couples Who Got Married In Their 20s (Photos): No 3 Is Man City Soccer Star

Celebrities rarely marry younger for different reasons, but some people are able to settle down with the partner they want in their 20s anyway. In this article, I will share with you 4 young celebrity couples who got married in their 20s.

1. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber is married to his childhood friend Hailey Baldwin, an American model and media personality. The young couple tied the knot in 2018. Justin Bieber was 24 and Hailey was married at 22.

2. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

American singer Ariana Grande got married earlier this year. She married her lover Dalton Gomez in a private ceremony in Montecito, California. The young couple reportedly dated for several months. Ariana was 27 and Dalton didn't get married until 26.

3. Zinchenko and Vlada

Manchester City young star Zinchenko and his wife Vlada Seglova are a young celebrity couple who got married in their early 20s. Zinchenko was 23 and Frada was 24 when they married in August 2020. The Manchester City left- back and his wife Vlada welcomed their wedding. First child in August 2021.

4. Cardi B and Offset

In 2017, the marriages of these popular American rap stars took many by surprise. Cardi B was 24 and her husband Offset was 25 when they got married. The celebrity couple was blessed with two beautiful children.

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