Seven (7) Times These Famous Nollywood Actresses Sacrificed Their Beauty For Movie Roles They Played

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In the entertainment industry, there are certain rules and requirements that the actors and actresses have to follow in order to take part in n a certain movie. These requirements may go to far depths of requiring a person to either gain weight, lose weight or shave your hair juts to perfectly fit in the role you are supposed to play.

These requirements are very common in the Nigerian entertainment industry where these beautiful Actresses had to share their hair just to fit in their roles, check them out.

1. Mercy Johnson for the movie 'before the light'

2. Toyin Abraham for the movie 'widows call'

3. Angela Okories for the movie 'widow's cot'

4. Mercy Agigbe for the movie 'Jaguda Baba ole'

5. Faith Balogan for the movie 'makomi'

6. Oge Okoye for the movie 'The three widows:

7.Uche Jombo for the movie 'Holding up'

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