Seven (7) Edochies of Nollywood and How They Are Related (Photos)

Acting families can be found in abundance in Nollywood. For some of the industry's top names, entertainment is a family affair, with certain families being bigger and famous than others, such as the Edochies.

Thanks to Pete Edochie, Rita Edochie, and Yul Edochie, the Edochie name is one of the most well-known in the Nigerian film industry. However, there are other Edochies who act but aren't as popular as the above mentioned names.

The 7 Edochies in Nollywood are listed below, along with how they are related to one another.

1. Pete Edochie

In terms of the entertainment sector, Chief Pete Edochie is unquestionably one of Nigeria's living legends. Pete Edochie, a devout Catholic, shot to fame in the 1980s as Okonkwo in an NTA version of Chinua Achebe's best-selling novel "Things Fall Apart." He has two sons who are also pursuing careers in the Nigerian film industry.

2. Rita Edochie

Crying is a unique skill that only a few actresses, such as Rita Edochie, can master without appearing forced. The veteran actress has a dramatic way of making her viewers break down in tears. It comes naturally to her and is really believable. She is Pete Edochie's sister-in-law and aunt to both Yul and Linc Edochie.

3. Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie is Pete Edochie's son and maybe the most famous of his children. Yul Edochie entered the film industry after graduating from the University of Port Harcourt's Theatre Arts program and has since become a household name in Nigeria and beyond. Aside from acting, he is also a director and the owner of a film academy that nurtures new talent.

4. Linc Edochie

Another Edochie who is creating a reputation for himself in Nollywood is Linc Edochie, whose full name is Lincoln Edochie. Linc Edochie is a filmmaker, MC, public speaker, fitness advisor, businessman, and school owner in addition to conducting. He is Yul Edochie's older brother.

5. Queen Dinma Edochie

Queen Dinma Edochie is a model, ex-beauty queen, dancer, therapist, and entrepreneur in addition to her acting career. Yul and Linc Edochie are her cousins. She has worked with Rita Edochie and other notable Nollywood actresses.

6. Amanda Maria Edochie

Amanda Maria Edochie is the daughter of Rita Edochie. She began her career in Nollywood in 2013.She has appeared in a few films and is married with a child.

7. Great Valentine Edochie

Great Valentine Edochie is Rita Edochie's son and Amanda Maria Edochie's brother. Aside from acting, he is a great filmmaker. On Instagram, he is followed by renowned Nollywood actresses such as Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds. He is a cousin to Yul and Linc Edochie.

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