Mother's Day: See the Mothers Of Some Popular Nigerian Actors

Once again, Happy mother's day to every mother in the world. Mothers are no doubt unique beings who have been blessed with the greatest gift of life, which is 'a child'. However, mother's day is a special day which is set aside in order to honour motherhood, maternal bonds and the power of mothers in the society. Meanwhile, many people have been wondering why this celebration has different dates, well that's because different countries have their own dates.

However in this article, i will be showing the mothers of some of Nollywood's most popular actors and actresses. So grab your popcorn 🍿 and let's get on with it.

Zubby Micheal

No doubt one of Nollywood's biggest actors, Zubby Micheal has a very beautiful mother.

Desmond Elliot

Recently Desmond Elliot has been making headlines because of a viral video he made in the past. But that does change the fact that he has a lovely mother.

Uche Jumbo - Nollywood veteran actress

Ruth Kadiri

One won't easily know that these two are actually mother and daughter.

Genevieve Nnaji

Not only is she an actress but she is also a popular business woman and I am quite sure her mother is proud of her.

John Okafor

Without doubt, John Okafor is one of the most loved and adored comic actor.

Oge Okoye

Just from their appearance, you will easily know that they are mother and daughter.

Ini Edo

Another veteran actress on this list is Ini Edo and as you can see she is a carbon copy of her mother.

Chacha Eke

With all she has achieved in her acting career, I am sure her mother must be proud of her daughter.

Mike Ezuruonyo

No doubt one of Nollywood's oldest actors, Mike really has a Stern resemblance with his mother.

Mercy Johnson

Arguably the best actress in the industry, I am sure mercy Johnson's mother will be proud of her daughter's achievements in life anywhere she is.

Yul Edochie

I can well say 'like mother like son', because there's a Stern resemblance in their appearance.

Chinedu Ikedieze

No doubt one of Nollywood's biggest legends, Chinedu AKA Aki has been a true blessing to the industry.

Destiny Etiko

Last but not the least is destiny Etiko and as you can see she looks a lot like her mother.

Let's say some sweets word to our mothers below. And which of their mother's do you think is prettier? Leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thanks.

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