Meet These Gorgeous Sisters To Your Favorite Nollywood Actresses

Nollywood film industry is one of the most re-known entertainment industry in the world which makes the actors and actresses featuring in them have massive fame.Some of these stars have brought out their close family members to the limelight. With me are some of the sisters to your favorite Nollywood actresses.

1.Destiny Daniels

She is the sister to re-known actress Regina Daniels who has been in the game since childhood.Destiny is the baby sister to Regina and have a close bond together.This was seen during Destiny's eighteenth birthday when Regina bought her a porsche car.The two are daughters to veteran Nollywood actress and film producer Rita Daniels.

2.Sonia Uche

Sonia is a fast rising Nollywood actress and daughter to veteran Nollywood star Sonia Uche.She is the sister to fellow actress Chinenye Nnebe who has been in the industry for since she was a kid.The two are blessed with two other sisters who are not in the film industry and are undeniably blessed with beauty.

3.Ehis Kadiri

She is the younger sister to celebrated Nollywood star Ruth Kadiri.The media shy beauty queen has been seen with her elder sister several occasions and can be seen to have a close bond together.The two are look alikes and both graced with breathtaking beauty.

4.Linda Ikeji

She is a Nollywood actress whose fame is not as much as compared to her sister Laura Ikeji.Linda is a gorgeous lady who has featured in several Nollywood films.She like her sister is endowed with eye catching looks and a cute skin tone.Who is your favorite of these siblings? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Remember to preach peace and avoid hate speech during this electioneering period..

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