Meet Daughters Of Popular Nigerian Movies Stars Who Are Into Modelling (Photos)

Numerous Nollywood celebrities and actresses have daughters who are making waves in the entertainment industry. Although these attractive women are young, they have already established themselves as some of the most successful models in the country. The daughters of some well-known Nigerian movie stars who are into modeling are shown below.

1. Priscilla Ojo

Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, is the mother of Priscilla. The 21-year-old model, fashion entrepreneur, and Instagram influencer is rumored to have worked with numerous major fashion brands around the nation in addition to modeling for her own fashion line. Many popular trends in designs and appearances are credited to Priscilla. She is a unique fashionista with a genuine understanding of how to look stunning in lovely clothing, which she constantly flaunts on social media.

2. Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo is a young actress who got her start in acting and modeling when she was younger. She is the child of prominent Nollywood producer and actress Oby Onuigbo. She is a remarkable young lady who, even at an early age, established a reputation for herself as a mannequin.

3. Michelle

She is the daughter of Mercy Aigbe, a well-known Nigerian actress who has acted in both English-and Yoruba-language films. Michelle, a 20-year-old beauty known for her original fashion ideas, is a student who is currently majoring in aeronautical engineering at the University of Manitoba. Michelle is one of the top models in the country and continues her mother's legacy in the fashion industry. She is rumored to flood social media with seductive, contentious images of herself, exhibiting a variety of clothing and fashion trends that many younger ladies are now copying.

4. Aliya Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo's daughter, Aliya Ninalowo, is a well-known Nollywood actor. The younger mannequin, who is 17 years old, wants to be Africa's top model. She is a really attractive young woman with a unique understanding of fashion. Even though she is still in school, she uses her free time to take over Instagram with stunning photos of herself. She has only worked with a few national manufacturers.

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