7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Spent Stupid Amount of Money in Club (Photos)

There are two things that go hand in hand – celebrities and doing way too much. Because of the crazy amount of money a lot of celebrities have, it sometimes feels like they end up doing things that to us, the laymen watching, look incredibly stupid and wreckless but to these celebrities is perfectly normal.

One of those such things is spending obscene amounts of money in night clubs. Who doesn’t like a good night at the club? Most people do.

But for most people when they go to club, they budget how much they plan on spending for the night and for the most part once chops and drinks are covered, that is it. N30,000 is a huge amount of money for a regular Nigerian to spend in a club.

But if you think N30,000, N100,000, even N500,000 is too much to spend for one night of fun, then just wait till you see how much money the people in today’s list spent on clubs. Without further ado, here are 7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Spent Stupid Amount of Money in Club.

1. Mr. Eazi

Nigerians were in shock and had a lot of choice words for Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi, after he showed off a receipt on Instagram which indicated that he had spent 8.3 Million naira in a night club.

18.3 M. Gone like that!

2. Tiwa Savage

African bad gyal Tiwa Savage is also another person who is a big money spender in the clubbing scene – at least she was on the night that she went out with fellow musician Skiibii and spent over 9.4 Million Naira in the club.

3. Yung6ix

Another musician who went and spent millions of naira on bottles of drinks at a night club in Lagos is the singer Yung6ix. The musician took to his social media to share pictures of his night at the night club and a receipt that shows he spent over 3.8 Million naira in one night in the club.

4. Wizkid

Another person who is a big spender at night clubs all over the world is Wizkid. Over the years, there have been numerous videos and pictures of Wizkid throwing obscene amounts of money into the air at clubs.

Also, when Wizkid went out to eat at a restaurant in Lagos, one of the girls who attended the dinner posted a snapshot of the receipt that shows Wizkid spent over 3.6 Million Naira in one night. As always, majority of the money went towards drinks.

5. Davido

When Davido hit the city of London and went out clubbing in a VIP night club, he chronicled his time there on social media and by the end of the night, Davido surprised fans when he revealed a receipt which showed that he had spent over 5,000 Pounds in the club.

5,000 Pounds… that’s a LOT of money!

6. Zubby Michael

Another celebrity who showed off his spending habits on social media is Nigerian actor Zubby Michael. In a video shared online, Zubby was seen throwing bundles of mint Naira notes into the air as well as giving out full bundles of cash to people in the club. There’s no receipt to show how much exactly Zubby spent that night but from the video below, you know it was a lot!

7. Hushpuppi

Nigerian celebrity turned disgraced money launderer Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi was one man who during his time before his trial always made it a point to post his wild money spending all over social media. In one of his posts, he showed off how he spent over 3 million naira in one club alone…

Then at another time, he also posted different receipts from a night out he had which totaled over 11 million naira.

Now, Hushpuppi is awaiting trail for money laundering.

Wow, e be like say maybe it’s to be going to club to be standing for when these celebrities want to throw money in the air o! I guess this is what happens when one has way more money than they know what to do with again. Abeg, make una come fund my ministry o! 😂

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