6 Veteran Nollywood Actresses Who Are Good At Playing Queen Mother Roles In Movies

In Nigerian films, the title 'Queen Mother' is used to describe actresses in traditional African leadership roles.

Over the years, several female film stars have played the role of queens in Nollywood productions.

However, there are some notable actresses who play the queen role very well.

Let's take a look at some of them.

Chinyere Wilfred

Chinyere is one movie star who has proven her versatility in acting.

However, she seems to nail every royal queen role given to her.

The multi-award winning actress is able to bring any queen character to life, from her gestures to her choice of words and elegance. An example of such films is 'Battle of Queens', where she played the queen mother of Ezeama Kingdom.

Ngozi Ezeonu

If there's any movie star who shouldn't be missing on this list, it's Ngozi Ezeonu.

She is well known for her portrayals of historical queen characters, as well as a modern queen. She seems to have a good understanding of the role.

Also, the Nollywood thespian always looks stunning in her royal costumes. One standout film she featured in is titled 'Royal Housewives'.

Liz Benson

This beloved 90s actress is one of Nollywood's finest.

Liz Benson is well-spoken, she's also classy. These attributes are among the many reasons the veteran actress always delivers effortlessly as a queen mother in Nollywood films.

Some of her best works as a queen include, Queen Rebecca, The Palace and World Apart.

Patience Ozokwor

The widely loved actress has featured in a good number of royal films as a queen and always does justice to her roles.

Ebele Okaro

Nollywood star Ebele Okaro has continued to display her acting range in films. Even when plays a queen, she gives an impressive performance.

Joyce Kalu

Abia state-born actress and film producer, Joyce Kalu also deserves to be on the list of queen mothers of the big screen.

She has featured as a queen in several films set in the eastern part of Nigeria and plays her roles perfectly. An example is the film 'Palace of Sorrow'.

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