6 Nollywood Stars Who Look Good Together As Couples But Are Just Friends (Photos)

We all see them together in movies; some times cuddling and chilling together, while at other times they just romantically stare at each other with their radiant faces always beaming with smiles. You could say that a special type of bond surely exists between them due to the way they relate and how effortlessly they play their given roles together.

Usually, many male and female actors meet on movie sets and gradually, they become much closer each passing day.

You may assume that they're lovers, but the following Nollywood stars are just friends:

1) Frederick Leonard and Lota Chukwu

There's been a whole lot of dating rumors about these two veteran actors. For some reason, a lot their fans think they're secretly having an affair but none of them has come out to confirm their what the rumors say.

Although both of them are very close, they are nothing but friends. However, we never can tell what will happen in the future.

2) Frederick Leonard and Chioma Chukwuka

Again, our Nollywood fine boy has severally been rumored to be going out with the attractively dazzling Chioma Chukwuka. This may be due to the fact that they've played couple roles together so many times.

This is definitely far from the truth because playing couple roles together doesn't automatically mean that they're lovers. Besides, Chioma is already married with beautiful children. Would she do anything like that knowing that it can split her family apart?

3) Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko

Another awesome pair of actors who sweep us off our feet each time they act as lovers in movies. For their exceptional display of affection on and off screen, some of their fans think they're dating but they is no such thing between them.

To cap it all, the aforementioned Nollywood stars aren't in any romantic relationship as rumors speculate. Do you have a contrary opinion? Drop your comments below.

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