3 Popular Celebrities Who Hide Their Identity From The Public (Photos)

1. Lagbaja

The first name on this list is Bisade Ologunde. Known professionally as Lagbaja, he's a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, who started his career as a musician in the early 90s.

Apart from his soothing music, another thing that he's known for is his mode of dressing. During his active days as a musician, no one knows the real identity of Lagbaja as he always wears a mask to hide his face.

2. Marshmello

Christopher Comstock, better known by his stage name Marshmello, is a popular American music producer and DJ. Born on the 19th of May 1992, the 30-year-old gained international recognition in 2016, and he has so far established himself as one of the hottest DJ in the world.

When he is performing, Marshmello usually wears a mask that completely covers his face. When asked on why he hides his identity from the public, he maintained that he doesn't want or need fame.

3. Rey Mysterio

Óscar Gutiérrez, known professionally as Rey Mysterio, is a popular American professional WWE wrestler. The skillful and several unpredictable moves that he can do, usually makes him a tough opponent to beat.

Unlike other WWE wrestlers, Rey Mysterio usually wears a mask that conceal his identity anytime he steps into the ring.

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