3 Nollywood Actresses Whose Marriages Have Had Issues But Are Still Madly In Love

Marriage is difficult, and it's considerably more difficult for celebrities who have millions of fans, paparazzi, and bloggers following their every move. While some couples choose to leave their marriage without hesitation, others have given it another opportunity and remain committed to one another.

If your marriage or relationship is going through a hard patch, I want to remind you that, like these Nollywood stars, you and your partner can overcome any hurdles through the power of love and forgiveness.

1. Mide Funmi Martins

Mide Funmi Martins and Afeez Owo Abiodun, who had been married for 13 years, were in the headlines in 2016 for all the wrong reasons, with rumors of a split. The actress and her husband, on the other hand, quickly reconciled, and their marriage has been a model to follow. This pair doesn't let a week go by without loving words and gifts for one other.

Mide Martins and husband

Rumor has it that the couple mended for the sake of their children, but based on their social media posts, it's clear that they reconciled simply out of love.

2.Chacha Eke

Chacha Eke and Austin Faani are undoubtedly the most admired couple in Nollywood, which is why many people were shocked to hear that their marriage was on the rocks. This couple's life appears to be returning to normal, and they have recently welcomed another child into their family.

Chacha Eke and her husband are keeping the spark of their marriage alive by spending as much quality time together as possible, while also serving as role models for younger couples.

3. Bolanle Ninalowo

This couple demonstrates how love and forgiveness are essential components of a strong and happy marriage. When Bolanle Ninalowo lived in the United States, he and his wife met. Their marriage produced two children, but they went their separate ways for 12 years before reuniting.

Nothing appears to be slowing down Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife these days, and their frequent stunning Instagram pictures prove that their marriage will last forever.

Dear readers, Nobody is born perfect, but you and your partner can make your marriage or relationship perfect by learning to forgive. Always keep in mind that a happy marriage is the result of two people who can forgive each other.

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