3 Celebrities Who Gave Birth To Their Babies At Home

Three famous people who gave birth to their children at home

When it comes to giving birth to a kid, the hospital is, without a doubt, the setting most people consider to be the most appropriate. This is due to the fact that giving birth to a kid is a highly serious matter that should be handled professionally.

However, the world has changed, and many things have changed as a result. One of these shifts is the increase in the number of women giving birth in their own homes.

Despite this, there are a plethora of reasons why this occurs. Some people determine that is the best course of action for them, while others find themselves in an unanticipated situation owing to a variety of factors.

Some superstars have also been able to pull this off, like Jennifer Lopez. Some of them choose to give birth at home rather than in a hospital to their child. These are the names of three of these celebrities.

Teyana Taylor is ranked number one.

Singer and artist Teyana Taylor gave birth to her second kid at home in 2020, according to her social media accounts. That was not the first time the singer has encountered such a situation.

She gave birth to her first daughter in the bathroom of her home in 2015. She used the same method to give birth to her second daughter, who was born five years later.

2. Korra Obidi is a Nigerian actress.

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian singer and dancer, gave birth to her second kid in her residence in March 2022. The singer broadcasted live on Facebook just before giving birth, and the entire experience was captured on video. Korra Obidi's home birth appears to have been made possible by the fact that her husband is a doctor.

Assisted by her husband, the dancer was successful in giving birth to her second kid through a natural birthing process.

Dr. Dean Justin, her husband, who is an American doctor and sports therapist, stated that the procedure was quick, taking only two and a half hours. The doctor went on to say that his wife, Korra, is a strong woman, as seen by the fact that she was not concerned and pushed through the delivery.

A few days after giving birth to her child, the ballerina shared photos of herself on social media to show her admirers what she looked like before and after her water birth.

Lauren Wood is the third member of the group.

Laureen Wood, an American singer-songwriter and actress, welcomed her first child into the world in February 2022. She gave birth in her bed, with the assistance of her husband, Odell Beckham Jr., who was present.

When asked about the delivery, Laureen described how she pushed the baby out of her while lying in her bed at home.

She went on to say that it would be delivered to her house in three hours.

After a 3-hour home delivery, Lauren Wood expressed gratitude to her kid, who was "kind and sensitive to my body."

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