Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities With Real ‘Grass To Grace’ Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. We meet people from all walks of life every day, whether they are a lawyer, a teacher, a gatekeeper, a banker, a bus driver, or anyone else.

Check out these inspiring stories of how some Nigeria celebrities went from living in the gutters to sitting down to dinner with presidents, kings, and princes of our time.


At the moment, he might be Nigeria's best reggae/dancehall artist. Patoranking has shown not only his versatility but also the results of his hard work. He has been the face and ambassador of a number of top brands and organizations, and he is now back as a judge on The Voice Nigeria. Now you see all the glitz and glamour around and coming from him, and you wish your life was like his. But before you get too excited about the glory you see, let's dive into his STORY.

Before he became famous, he worked as a bricklayer. If you don't know what that means, here it is: Not only did he lay bricks, but he also carried "kponkpon." Kponkpon is a pan that is used to move sand from one place in a building or construction site to another.

He sold rat poison (maybe something like "ota piapia") on the street to boost his hustle and make money for his family (he was the first child) and his music career. Nobody wey no fit make am!


Joseph Benjamin is one of the highest-flying stars in the entertainment industry. He is a big hit in the movie business and a star at hosting events and giving speeches. As the saying goes, looks can be very deceiving. His looks usually don't show some of the troubles and harsh realities he had to face while working on his dream a few years ago.

In his own words, "I've worked as a bus driver, a security guard, a waiter, in a bakery, at Balogun selling shoes, in IT, and then as an actor."

All of this should teach us to be kind to everyone we meet, no matter what their situation is, because you might have the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria polishing your shoes. Don't just respect people; respect things, too.

3.Linda Ikeji

"Miss Independence" number one in Nigeria... In Neyo's voice, her obvious talent, her determination, and her business smarts leave many people in awe. Aside from having a pretty face and a figure like a Coca-Cola bottle, the entrepreneur and blogger extraordinaire is also very smart. But, like every person, she has a story... please look at this.

From being admitted to take English at the University of Lagos, where she didn't want to, to struggling as a writer, to modeling, and finally to selling beer as a waiter in hotels, Linda has shown that it takes a strong woman to overcome the many challenges that life throws at us every day. "I'd leave class, go to a hotel, and sell beer from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.," she said. For a few months, I did this. It wasn't easy, but I had to get through it. The story is different now... CHEERS TO ALL THE HUSTLERS!

4.Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde:

Omotola is clearly more than just one of the best actresses in Nigeria. She is now a living legend in the Entertainment Industry. From the beginning of her acting career to where she is now, Omotola has left her mark not only in Nigeria, but also in the minds of people all over the world. In 2003, she was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Times Magazine. Some leaders of countries never get this far.

But Omotola also has a story. She has been through the hot crucible of life, and just like gold, she has come out of it fine and polished. See what happened to her:

After losing the family's main source of income, she, her mom, and her two siblings had to beg on the street just to make it through the next day.

They would sit on the sidewalks of some rich Nigerians in hopes of getting money to get through the day, but they were often disappointed. She was almost tempted to become a prostitute, but her persistence and lucky breaks saved her.

5.John Okafor(Mr IBU)

John Okafor is known as Mr. Ibu because he played the title role in the 2004 movie Mr. Ibu. He is one of Nigeria's best comic actors. His funny and silly acting is marked by stupidity, hilarious stupidity, and a sharp disconnect from reality. But if you didn't know, he used to sell firewood, be a butcher, and do hair.

"When I lost my dad, the wind tore down our house, and we had to move into a house in our own village. We had a total of eight people, five men and three women. We were given a room in our mother's house, where we all slept like we were in a prison cell. He says, "One leg here, the other leg there."

The most interesting thing about his story was that his family was the poorest in Enugu State, where he grew up. It was really hard for him to live... As they say today, the rest is HIStory!

Lastly, if you are still complaining and grumbling about your current situation, please pick yourself up, have a dream, and work hard at it like your life depends on it, because it does.

So many people leave this watery ball we call earth, and their next-door neighbors don't even have the slightest idea that someone just left because their level of awareness and contribution is so small. Please decide right now to change your life's story and rewrite it.

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