Regina Daniels' Mother Gets Into Argument With Her Daughter, Regina Who Jokingly Accuses Her Of "Stealing" Her Clothes (Video)

Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Regina Daniels, has recently engaged in a squabble with her mother, who jokingly accused her of stealing some of her clothes.

Regina Daniels shared the captivating moment on social media, as both mother and daughter dragged each other playfully, after Regina Daniels came to her mother's house and took some of her mother's clothes without permission.

While scolding her, Regina Daniels' mother, Rita Daniels, reminded her that she (Regina Daniels) is the wife of a billionaire. As the argument proceeded, Regina Daniels asked her mother to provide an evidence and Rita Daniels stated that she saw her through the CCTV cameras in her room.

Regina Daniels went further to defend herself, stating that it is her right to take what belongs to her mother if she likes it.

However, Rita Daniels disagreed and told her daughter, Regina that she only has such rights in her husband's house and not in her house.

Check out the video here

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