Meet Top Female Celebrities Who Had Abortions And Why They Did It

Celebrities took to social media, opening up about their own experiences with the procedure and why women should have the right to choose.

Whoopi Goldberg

The View's Goldberg contributed an essay for Angela Bonavoglia's The Choices We Made about her adolescent abortion experience.

"I discovered I was pregnant at the age of fourteen," she wrote in her journal. "There was no period in there. Nobody bothered me. I was overcome with a sense of dread. There were hot baths. These bizarre mixtures that girls told me about - something like Johnny Walker Red with a tiny bit of Clorox, alcohol, baking soda (which probably saved my stomach), and some kind of cream. You've messed it up completely. I became quite unwell. At the time, I was more terrified of having to explain to anyone what was wrong than of walking to the park with a hanger."

Nicki Minaj

According to the artist, she felt she was going to die as a teenager after discovering she was pregnant.

She described the experience of having an abortion as "the worst thing I'd ever gone through." "My my life, I've been haunted by it. If I said I wasn't pro-choice, it would be a contradiction. To be honest, I wasn't prepared. In terms of what I could offer a child, I had nothing."

Her CD The Pinkprint contains a song about the experience.

Tami Roman

The reality star inadvertently made history when she became the first woman to go through an abortion on television after her pregnancy became a storyline on the second season of The Real World. “My thought process when I did it was to show young girls what happens when you don’t handle your life responsibly," she later reflected. "I wanted it documented. The turmoil I went through in making the decision, how it affected my mother, having to go to the clinic and have complications after… I wanted people to take that journey with me and see.”

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