Meet Beautiful 5 Women Fredrick Leonard Allegedly Dated.

Dating is a long and complicated process

And when a person is in the public eye, that process becomes 10 times harder because every single person is in their business contributing what they think about the person's significant other or who they think the person is dating or should be dating.

When one is in the public eye, many people start shipping romances and pedaling stories of dating between anybody they come in contact with. Sometimes these stories end up being true, other times these stories end up being nothing more than fiction.

In today's list, I'll be running down 5 women Frederick Leonard has allegedly dated. You read the story, see the pictures, and decide for yourself if you think the relationship is truth or fiction.

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1. Cutie Juls

rederick Leonard is a very private actor. Apart from his movies and the interviews he grants for said movies, we never really hear from him or know anything really about his personal life.

That is why it was so surprising when out of the blue, an Instagram blogger by the name of Cutie Juls came out to accuse Frederick Leonard of dating her for money. In her Instagram story, she alleges that a Ghanaian movie producer and former wife to a top footballer found out that the Nigerian actor was after her money.

She wrote on social media:

So Aunty Uche aka mama Matthew introduced our fine hunku to our fine Ghana Hunty for work o.

Then as both of them are adults wey as Hunty had left her footballer hubby, it was acceptable when they started dating o. Babe was super excited thinking she’s won herself a potential husband same yellow as herself. She told everyone who cared to listen as she was proud of her man. See as hunku is almost a legend actor and babe is also a movie producer amongst other things, it was a good team. They were almost settling down o. Then boom, the trend began to set in. Babe, cash for this project, this for that bla bla bla. And since everyone was happy for them and we were getting our asoebis ready for the marriage rites. We started asking, how far na! Sissy started; My sister, I thank my God o. That one is only after a woman’s money and he is also a hardcore gigolo.

Abeg, let me pack the money I have left from my hard work and football ozzband for my shilde o.

So as Naija babes dey talk #Yorubademon, for Ghana babes, it’s Igbo gigolos by kind curtsies of Mmazi Ogbonna’s son, Mmazi Ezuronye’s son and Mmazi Leonard’s son 😩😩😩.

Now the matter we still dey settle since morning o. These Igbo men are legit giving Ghana babes very perception about Igbo men. And this is heartbreaking cuz Igbo men in general are very hardworking

Abeg, meet me at Igwe’s palace so we can settle this. Igwe must hear this.

Honest to God, I understood maybe about half of that post. It's not specific. It just looks like it's someone that just felt like talking just for talking sake.

I'm taking this story with half a grain of salt.

2. Peggy Ovire

According to popular Nigerian blogger, Stella Dimoko, Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire had a relationship that started around 2015 and lasted for about a year.

According to the blogger, and I'll just take the excerpt as the breakup was reported:

Peggy and Frederick used to be all over each other on their social media handles and in real life but as you read this,things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold....

Actor Peggy was spotted by a whistle blower on her way to the US last month and was on the same flight with Frederick....This was a coincidence mind you but she went on her snap chat and referred to him as her ex..She posted that she ran into her ex in the same flight and kept a straight face.....The Ex turned out to be Fred....

They dated for about a year but no one can tell why or when exactly they split.

Well, this isn't that hard for me to imagine seeing that around that time, there were so many "boo-ed up" pictures that kept on coming out featuring the both of them. It's not all that hard to believe.

3. Kay Samuels

Now, this one is deep.

For the longest time and even up until now, many people believed that Kay Samuels was Frederick Leonard's wife. There were so many people who if fully believed that Frederick was married to this girl and there was nothing you could say to them. They were CON-VINCED.

And who could blame them? The prevalent reason this all started was because of a couple of traditional wedding pictures featuring the two actors that circulated the internet.

Add to that the fact that many blogs headlined the story "Frederick Leonard is now a married man" or something to the effect of that.

This story developed legs and people still to this day believe it.

However, the pictures were not factual by any means. They were taking from a movie set where the two play a couple that are married. That is all to the story.

But then again, look at these pictures. Can you blame the people?

4. Chioma Akpotha

I'm not going to waste your time or mine on this one because it's ludicrous. However, just like with Kay above, a picture came out and people for some reason thought it was real and that Frederick was dating Chioma Akpotha.

You know this is just rubbish. Chioma is married. This was by far the most ludicrous one that I saw. Absolute untruth.

5. Lota Chukwu


Somebody is going to have to convince me that Lota Chukwu and Fredrick Leonard have not at least THOUGHT about getting together. There are so so so soooo many blogs and websites that have reported exclusive stories of the two being together because of their countless intimate pictures.

The two have played lovers in so sooo many movies most popularly off the top of my head in "Tailor my Heart" and "VOID" which speaking of VOID...

When the promotional pictures of this movie hit the internet without context...woo! The forums and blogs went WILD. Everybody was convinced that it finally happened.

We'd been rooting for these two. Here was a picture of Frederick proposing. But then the other pictures with Chioma started coming out and it was revealed that the whole thing was one big promotional campaign and people were heartbroken.

Still, all hope is not lost. Both actors are still unmarried. Who knows where this all could lead.

That's All.

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