Meet 5 Cast Members Of ‘Mr Bones’ Movie And What They Are Currently Doing (Photos)

Focused by Grey Hofmeyr in 2001, Mister. Bones is a South African slapstick comedy film. Starring Leon Schuster, the film follows Bones, a pharmacist that is sent to America to find the son of a tribal king.

This individual brought back an American golfer and a group of thugs who were trying to get golfers into competitions.

However, in this article, I will share with you 5 cast of Mr Bones and what they are currently doing:

1. Fem Belling

Fem Belling is an Aussie actress and jazz singer. She is best known for playing the maid/helicopter pilot in the 2001 comedy movie Mr. Bones.

Belling is currently included in music in addition to performing.

2 . Alfred Entopela

Alfred Ntombela is a 49-year-old South African actor. Regarded as among the best South African comedians of all time, Ntombela is famous for her active clown-like laughter and small adult size. He has attracted attention for his role as a young man Kuwuki in "Mr. Bone".

Currently, Entopela is no longer in show business as he retired four years ago after 28 years in show business.

3. Fiazo Andre

Faizon Andre Love is a 53-year-old American actor and comic. Andre is known for his improvisational skills and a wide variety of characters created on the spur of the moment and has been pictured in films, dramas and comedies, together with his stellar performance as Fat Boobed in Mr. Bones Afterwards, Andrei gained international recognition.

Faizon is still acting, and his latest film role is Mister Bones. Mike in the 2021 American psychodrama film Fuck the Kids for Cartoon Movies.

4. David Ramsay

David John Ramsay is a 50-year-old American acting professional, director and martial artist. He performed Vince Lee in "Mr. Bones. He is still acting.

5. Leon Schuster

Leon Ernest Schuster is a 70-year-old South African actor, filmmaker and comedian.

Schuster rose to international popularity in the critically acclaimed comedy movie "Mr. Bones, " starring Bone.

Schuster is currently inactive in the Southern African film industry and his final film role was as Frank in the 2018 South African comedy experience film Frank and Fearless.

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