Meet 3 Beautiful Yoruba Actresses That Are Twins

You might not know that some Yoruba actresses are twins. In this article, we will be showing you three popular Youruba actresses that are twins.

1. Kehinde Bankole

She is an award-winning actress, model, singer, TV personality, and entertainer, and this photo of her and her twin sister, Taiwo, was taken during their birthday photoshoot. They are the fourth and fifth children of a family of six, respectively.

2. Eniola Ajao

Renowned Nollywood actress, Eniola Ajao and her twin sister share a striking resemblance, with everything down to their gap teeth.

Eniola's twin sister, is not a well-known face in the film industry or on social media.

3. Taiwo Aromokun

She is a Yoruba actress with a twin sister named Kenny Aromokun. In fact, Taiwo gave birth to a set of twins shortly after her wedding. Twins must run in their family.

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