Check Out Some Nollywood Actresses Who Are Above 55 And Still Active

A lot of Nollywood actresses we knew back in the days are no longer active in the movie industry. Some of them quit acting as they grew older while some passed away. However, these three Nollywood actresses who have been in the industry for years and are all above 55, do not have plans to leave the movie industry yet.

1. Ngozi Ezeonu:

Ngozi Ezeonu has been in Nollywood for close to 30 years. Her popular movies include Abuja Connection and Glamour Girls. In recent times, she usually plays the role of a queen in a traditional setting. She is 56 years old and still active.

2. Patience Ozokwor:

Commonly known by her nickname "Mama G," Patience Ozokwor has been in Nollywood for over twenty years. She is known for her role in films like Blood Sister and Ijele. She is 63 years old but inspite of that, still active in the industry.

3. Ebele Okaro:

Ebele Okaro often plays the role of a concerned mother in her movies. She is known for the role she played in movies like Black Rose and 3 Wise Men. Currently 57, she doesn't have plans of quitting professional acting anytime soon.

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