Actor Nosa Rex Shows Off His Lovely Son As They Share Dance Moves Together (Video)

Parents usually celebrate their lovely children by sharing fun time with them. It’s a good way for a family to share their feelings and emotions. It’s no longer news that Nosa Babarex is always elated about family life. The actor went online to flaunt his cute son as they shared dance steps together.

It takes a man enjoying his family to share lovely moments with his son even when there’s nothing to celebrate. Truly, Babarex is happy to be blessed with beautiful kids. He loves showing off his bundles of joy without apologies. This is how he demonstrates how fulfilled he is.

One of the most treasured gifts of God to man is a lovely son. Babarex is blessed with one and just wants to tell the world about it. The actor shared dance moves with him and just went online to flaunt the special moments. In his caption, he wrote, “Positive energy inside and outside.

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