7 Times Nigerian Celebrities Got in Physical Fights (Photos)

Fighting is very normal for celebrities – online fighting that is. Every other week there is a new story about one celebrity calling out another celebrity, or a celebrity fighting with a fan, celebrity fighting with a troll, celebrity fighting with another celebrity. Celebrity fights are nothing new when they are online.

But when things get physical, that is a different story that we so hardly see. It is very rare to find news about celebrities especially Nigerian celebrities getting in physical fights with anyone. Of course, when you’re a high profile person and millions of people are watching everything you do, one simple slip up can really put a dent in your image and fighting is a very big way to do it.

However, just because it is in uncommon doesn’t mean that on several occasions, Nigerian celebrities haven’t gotten into fights. Today, we’ll be counting down 7 Times Nigerian Celebrities Got in Physical Fights and for some of these, there is video so you can really get to see and enjoy for yourself. Are you ready to dive in? Then let’s go!

1&2. Davido and Burna Boy

Fans were left in shock when in December of 2020, reports started to surface of a physical fight between two of Nigeria’s biggest musicians Davido and Burna Boy.

According to reports, the scuffle began after Burna Boy entered into a nightclub where Davido was partying in Ghana. Nobody knows what exactly sparked the tensions or caused the fight to start but after the incident, Davido took to Twitter to write: “I go leave this music for Una”.

While it’s not clear who he’s talking to, fans infer that the message is directed at Burna Boy and Wizkid who was also present at the club.

3. Oritse Femi

In 2016, Nigerian singer Oritsefemi was involved in a fight at Quilox Nightclub in Lagos. According to the singer, the fight started after one of the club security officers pushed him aside while he was trying to exit the VIP section of the club. Eyewitnesses present say the artiste was hanging out in the VIP section when he noticed his fellow musicians Sound Sultan and Rocksteady being prevented from entering the VIP section.

He then reportedly went to confront the bouncer about this to which the bouncer said that the decision is from management and that if Oritsefemi was so keen on being with his friends, he should leave the VIP and go out to regular and be with his friends. According to reports, Oritsefemi agreed to leave VIP but was pushed back by the bouncer before yet another came to rough handle him. Oritsefemi holding a cup of wine tried to defend himself by slapping the bouncer with the wine cup which left a scar on the bouncer’s face. Very quickly, other bouncers reportedly came around and attacked Oritsefemi and N8.5 million worth of jewelry was stolen amidst the scuffle.

4. Seyi Law

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law in 2016 reportedly slapped a security official at Eko Hotels and Suites while leaving Kiss Daniel’s ‘New Era’ album launch. According to reports, the security guy was trying to lead Seyi Law out of the hotel through an alternative route and at some point, Seyi got angry, came out of his car and slapped the guy three times.

Taking to his Instagram page the next day, Seyi Law apologized for his unruly behavior and gave his own side of the story saying that the security guy was being very rude but that even that is no justification for his action.

5. Ikechukwu

Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu in 2010 got in a fight at Rehab Nightclub after bouncers refused to allow him into the club. Taking to Twitter after the scuffle, Ikechukwu wrote:

If u party at rehab pls don’t talk to me. That club is dead to me. A bouncer put his hands on me for what ????? FUCK REHAB and all its fucking people.

6. Seyi Shay

Things got physical when Seyi Shay appeared on an episode of The Bigger Friday Show to be pranked. The prank got out of hand when the actress who was hired to prank Seyi Shay started becoming physical with Seyi’s assistant and later Seyi Shay.

7. Niniola

Nigerian singer Niniola on the set of her music video Fantasy got into an actual fight with a video vixen on set. Sharing the behind the scenes of the shoot, Niniola showed the clip of where she and the model actually got in a physical fight where Niniola brushed her and took her to the ground. The girl is strong!

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