7 Nigerian Celebrities Dragged for Photoshopping Hips (Photos)

Who needs gym?

Photoshop is very fun. You can use it to create dynamic, interesting photos. But sometimes you can also get carried away and use the software to manipulate your body until it becomes something completely different from reality.

Now, if these kinds of pictures remained in your photo library and never saw it to the light of day, there would be no problem.

BUT, for a lot of celebrities and influencers these days, the pressure to fit into one specific body type or standard of beauty is up. People don’t have the time to get on the diets and regimens and treadmills. Some do get on all these fitness things and still don’t like the results they see. So what to do? What is a quick and easy way to get the body shape you so desire?

Well, hello Photoshop. Or Facetune. Or whatever new app is now on the market to sell us fake lives and fake beauty standards.

I am 100% of the opinion that we shouldn’t put out unattainable inhuman standards on the internet knowing fully well the clime that we’re in. Eating disorder numbers are up, body dysmorphia numbers are up, people are trying to fit into unrealistic body types. So to edit a picture, NOT disclose that the picture is edited, and then put it out there to millions and millions of people as an attainable body size and shape. I think that’s cruel.

But this is not meant to be a heavy post, I’m here to keep it light. So let’s keep it light. Without further ado, here are 7 Nigerian Celebrities that were dragged for photoshopping their hips.

Let’s start with one of my favorite actresses who I think did it well and poked fun at the whole photoshop thing. This is not one of the 7, it’s just one that I think is a good approach. I’m talking about Omoni Oboli.

The beautiful actress posted the picture above with the caption:

Yayyyyyyyy I finally added the hips that I’ve been looking for. Who needs @uchejombo, @chiomakpotha or @ufuomamcdermott when there’s photoshop? You can eat your hips! Selfish human beings.

See don’t let anybody tension you with big hips or bum, just add ya own by yasef!

I love this.

Omoni had fun with the photoshop and did her own editing, but she DISCLOSED that it was photoshop and she was just here to have fun with it.

This is okay. Nobody is saying people shouldn’t have fun with photoshop. It is fun! But don’t come and be making people feel like they’re doing something wrong when you know you’re the one posting fake pictures.

Let’s take a look at the list.

1. BBNaija’s Nina.

不不Okay but how did she not see that this picture looks so obviously fake 不. Na real “last iron bender!” 不不

2. Moyo Lawal.

Here we have yet another gate bender. This one is quite confusing to me because naturally Moyo Lawal is a curvy woman. So why does she still feel the need to be bending gates 不.

3. Mercy Aigbe

Again, is it that Mercy didn’t see that her pillar is breaking 不不

These pictures are really having me rolling with laughter.

4. Oge Okoye

This picture is just so funny to me because even from first glance you can tell that there’s something off about this picture.

5. Racheal Okonkwo

Please what is this! 不

This doesn’t even look real AT ALL. It looks so obviously fake and unflattering. To think she thought it was a good idea to post is beyond me.

6. Toolz

Ha! The way the entire Beat FM studio is bending and breaking on top this picture 不

Take it easy oh Toolz!

7. Shebaby

I give up. I have no more words to offer.

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