5 Celebrities Who You Probably Didn't Know Once Lost All Their Money

Just like every other person, there were times when celebrities who are rich and famous lost all their fortunes and wealth. This could be as a result of huge debts accrued; it can also be a result of fines or other reasons. At one point or the other, some of these celebrities had to file for bankruptcy as a result of a lack of financial capacity to pay their debts.

In this article, we would be taking a look at 5 celebrities who you probably didn’t know once lost all their money. Check them out below;

1. 50 CENT

In July 2015, a popular American actor, producer and rapper filed for bankruptcy. 50 CENT who was once worth $155 million according to Forbes's annual Hip Hop’s wealthiest artist list, lost all his wealth due to poor business investments, a failing music career and several legal battles. All of this forced him into bankruptcy with a debt of $32.5 million.


According to Thesun.co.uk, Mike Tyson made over $300 million throughout his career before losing it all. This was a result of his lavish lifestyle and expenses on luxury cars, houses and his infamous pet tigers. He filed for bankruptcy after accumulating $23 million worth of debt in 2003.


Due to a series of nasty lawsuits with his former managers, domestic abuse and his outrageous spending habits, popular pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp lost it all.


Popular American actor, Wesley Snipes also become broke at some point in his career. This was a result of his lavish lifestyle, one of which includes buying an $8 million mansion in Alpine. Part of his troubles also came from tax evasion fraud which made him serve time in federal prison for tax fraud.


According to reports, the pop star died with huge debts left behind. At the time of his death, a forensic accountant estimated that MJ owed over $400 million.

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