4 Celebrities Who Were Applauded After Their Body Weight Loss And What They Did To Achieve It

The celebrity journey to weight loss has many fans who express their views on their new bodies and applaud them for gaining the ideal weight they hoped for.

1. Eniola Badmus.

The seasoned actress Eniola Badmus, better known as Badoo, was most surprised by her weight loss journey. She did a lot of work for herself, which helped her lose weight drastically. After Aniola started uploading new photos after losing weight, fans noticed her huge physical changes and were praised for how well she lost weight.

Eniola also revealed that she underwent gastric bypass surgery and that exercise helped her lose weight. Almost a year later, Eniola finally achieved her dream of losing weight after saying she wanted to lose weight and asked her fans to help her.

2. Deborah Olawayin

Deborah Olawoyin, better known as Mizsthicnesz, weight loss is another thing that has caused a great deal of applause on social networks. Deborah did a lot of work on her body to gain weight. Deborah revealed how she took care of her diet and how she trained to help her lose 120 kg (260 pounds). While Deborah revealed that she underwent Turk tumm and breast reduction surgery, her body is so good.

3. Elvina Ibru.

Popular actress Elvina Ibru was praised for losing weight. She weighed 250kg and later fell to 115kg, even adding that she wanted to weigh 95kg or 100kg. According to one of her interviews, she revealed that it was her sister Gloria who encouraged her to lose weight and why she could not do certain things that led her to lose weight.

Elvina said the diet helped her lose weight because she promised to give her a list of what to eat when she reached 100 kg or 90 kg.

4) Lepacious Bose.

Actress and comedian Ogunboy Bose, also known as Lepacious Bose, is one of those celebrities who lost weight and was praised for it.

According to her, it took her 18 months to lose 70 kg, but when she published her new look after losing weight, most fans said she underwent surgery, even though she refuted the report and told them that the operation would not work. so she longed to get where she was now, and the operation, of course, required some exercise and a few things, so she decided to get it naturally through diet.

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