3 Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Achieved Weight Loss Transformation (Photo)

Some of the female celebrities we do admire worked hard in achieving their desired body physique.

As we keep admiring female celebrities who maintained good body shape, let's discuss some Nigerian female celebrities who achieved massive weight loss transformations.

• Eniola Badmus is a versatile Nollywood actress, and a social media influencer, who is known for her comic characters in movies.

The talented actress who is known to be a plus-size lady has thrilled her fans with her recent body transformation, as she went from being a plus-size lady to fit. She recently caused a stir on the internet after sharing stunning pictures of herself.

• Elvina Esewvre Ibru is a famous Nigerian broadcaster, actress, and movie producer. She has been featured in a good number of blockbuster cinema movies.

Elvina is one of the Nigerian celebrities whose body physiques have inspired lots of women. The talented actress took a weight loss decision when she discovered that being fat wasn't good for her health.

She engaged in a healthy diet routine, physical activities, and other healthy lifestyles to achieve her desired weight. Today, she has transformed into a more beautiful slim lady.

• Bose Ogunboye aka Lepacious Bose is a popular comedian. She is another lady that an amazing weight loss story.

The popular comedian talked about how she achieved a massive weight loss transformation. According to her, she stopped eating anything that comes her way and got engaged in a weekly food program. She also revealed that underwent certain surgical procedures.

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