3 Celebrities Who Were Accused Of Accepting Their Partners Cause Of Money And How They Are Doing Currently

There are these female celebrities who have received different opinions from their fans on social media following the acceptance of their partners. They were accused of staying with their partner for the money, checkout how they have been living their lives despite critics.

1) Regina Daniels.

The Nigerian actress Regina Daniels, the wife of Prince need Nwoko has received different types of opinions following her love and marriage to Ned Nwoko. She was accused to have accepted her partner because of money, Regina has inturn revealed that she and Ned Nwoko fell in love and got married in space of 3weeks.

"How they are doing currently"

Regina and Ned Nwoko are married and have been blessed with a son known as Munir Nwoko.

The fitness coach, Kam Renee, otherwise known as Kamreneefit, who is the current girlfriend to popular body builder and entrepreneur Nick Santonastasso, is one of the female celebrities that has been accused of being with their partner for their money. She had revealed on her Instagram page that there are people who tell Nick Santonastasso that she only loved him for the money, and she can't be loyal and faithful, so she has told them to stop disrespecting her and has proven to love Nick regardless of what people think.

"How they are doing currently"

Kam Renee and Nick Santonastasso are still together, they are getting stronger together and might settle down as a couple soon despite numerous opinions from their fans.

2) Eudoxie Yao.

The Ivorian model, who is a fiancée to Grand P, has received a lot of opinions from fans regarding her relationship to Guinea singer Grand P. After their relationship went viral, there are these fans who have said that Eudoxie Yao accepted to be Grand P's girlfriend because of his money. Eudoxie Yao has quickly debunked the news that she never accepted to be with Grand P's girlfriend because of his money. She has revealed more than once that she genuinely loves Grand P and not because he is rich and famous. Undermining different opinions, Eudoxie Yao and Grand P are still in love with each other.

"How they are doing currently"

Grand P and Eudoxie are still together. Sometimes in March, Grand P engaged Eudoxie Yao and they are getting married soon.

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