Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Are Good At Playing Crying Roles In Movies

Many people do wonder how actors and actresses pull off crying scenes, as it seems beyond squeezing few drops of water on their faces to form tears.

Some even believe these celebrities add balm to their eyes to make them cry, but this is not usually correct, as we have some actresses who are talented in "crying a river" when it comes to playing emotional roles.

This shows that crying is one skill or talent that only a few actors can accomplish without making it look fake.

With this, we’ll be looking at the top six Nigerian actors with the most realistic cries in the Nollywood industry.

1. Nkiru Sylvanus

If you ever saw Andy Ameachi’s movie,‘ A cry for help’ part 1-3 (2002), you will understand why Nkiru took the first on our list of the actresses that cry a lot in movies.

Shortly after the film was released, Nkiru was given the nickname earned ‘crying mama of Nollywood' due to her roles which required her to shed tears all the time.

Nollywood makes a lot of emotional movies since sad stories sell a lot, and Sylvanus remains Nollywood’s crying queen.

2. Bukunmi Oluwashina

This talented actress and singer have a thing for emotional and tear-jerking movies.

Most of the films she produced have her playing emotional roles like being a blind girl, being afflicted with epilepsy, losing her voice or her legs, or finding herself in an abusive marriage.

The Ekiti-born actress does have this dramatic way of provoking her viewer to tears. It’s effortless for her and very believable.

3. Adesua Etomi-Wellington

From "Knocking on Heaven's Door" to "Falling," Adesua joined the list with a lot of raw emotions and a lot of "tears."

Adesua is unquestionably a talented actress, having trained mostly in theatre and performing arts. She's very natural when it comes to interpreting and defining emotions through her facial expressions, especially when it comes to crying.

4. Rita Edochie

In 1997, Rita began her acting career in the Nollywood Industry. She is well-known for her ability to cry in movies.

She has featured in a lot of movies where she took up the crying role and some of these movies include; A Mother's Pride, The Storm, Tears and Sorrow, Across the Bridge, Circle of Lives, and No More War, just to mention a few.

5. Chinwe Owoh

Chinwe Owoh is a talented actress who plays the role of mother, stepmother, grandmother, and widow.

These roles always require her to pull up the crying stunt which she plays perfectly.

6. Mercy Johnson

This list won't be okay if we miss another crying queen, Mercy Johnson.

This star actress is known for portraying a wretched maid or a poor girl who wants to marry the prince. So, while on her mission to marry the prince, she encounters several difficulties that cause her to cry.

Who do you think can cry most among these actresses?

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