See The Popular Nigerian Actors Who Have Been Mistaken To Be Ruth Kadiri’s Husband

Nollywood actresses are constantly surrounded by both positive and negative rumours. Almost every detail of their personal lives is scrutinized by bloggers and fans. As a result, their lives will continue to be an open book full of rumours and scandals.

While relationships can be challenging on their own, they can become far more complicated and stressful when they are subjected to public scrutiny. As a result, some actresses prefer to remain private about their personal lives. Ruth Kadiri is an excellent example of an actress who has successfully concealed her husband’ s identity for a long time.

Rumours about the talented actress have circulated because she has been so diligent in concealing her husband’ s identity. In this article, we are going to look at the popular Nigerian actors who have been mistaken to be Ruth Kadiri’ s husband.

Stan Nzediegwu Who Is A Talented Nollywood Actor

Stan Nze is widely assumed to be Ruth Kadiri’ s husband. Many people mistook a photo from the film ‘ The List’ for wedding photos in 2019, leading to rumours that he was Ruth Kadiri’ s husband.

Eddie Watson Who Is A Popular Nollywood Actor

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri are rumoured to be dating and possibly married. On the other hand, these rumours are untrue.

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri have appeared in several films as on- screen lovers, and their on- screen chemistry has led to speculation that they are married.

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri are both married but to different people. Eddie Watson is married to Naomi Baaba Watson, a Ghanaian actress with whom he has a beautiful daughter.

Who Is Ruth Kadiri’ s husband?

Ruth Kadiri’ s husband is only

known by his first name, Ezerika. Ruth Kadiri and her husband are raising a daughter together and appear to be deeply in love, based on the photos they share.

Ruth Kadiri enjoys posting photos of her husband on social media, but she keeps his face hidden from the public eye.

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