See New Photos Of The Twins 11 Years After Marrying The Same Man

The shocking reasons why two South African twin sisters married the same man have been revealed.

The sisters, Olwethu and Owami Siko, married a comparable man 11 years ago as a way to deal with moving away from depression.

They went on to say that friendship was never important in the situation and was simply a way to get away from depression.

At the time they were 21, their significant other was 42 years old.

They spent time with him until he realized how important their relationship was.

On one occasion, he sent them an SMS informing them that he could not continue to assist them without assuming they had transformed into his.

He wrote them a letter fourteen days after they agreed, mentioning their hands in marriage.

Their marriage quickly deteriorated to the point where they expected to either leave or fail miserably.

Below are more of their photos;

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