Remember The Crippled Commander In Nollywood Action Movie "Isakaba"? See His Recent Photos

Remember the crippled Commander in Nollywood greatest action movie" Isakaba" See his recent photos.

Isakaba boys is definitely Nigeria 's best action film even though there are others, but not one came near Isakaba boys.

Lancelot Oduwa Imascent's film reveals the bitter tale about the Nigerian legal system, the 'jungle court,' which keeps rule. Isakaba is a collective (approximately 12 in number) of men who use diabolical force and all kinds of village crimes to abolish corruption.

We might say that the documentary reminded us of the popular Bakassi kids in the big towns of Onitsha and Aba. The body of any criminal they caught mutilated and burned .. I was young when I watched the film, but I saw it again some days ago and I became curious what happened in this film to all the James bond.

Ikenka- (Shudi Nnamuah Kashimawo)

Ebube and his second commander, Awakened, lead the Isakaba people. Their boss is Ikenka- "nwa ngworo." He was on a wheel chair before the movie was over. When the problems reach your master, Ebube, it helps the Isakaba people. For eg, the war was angry, they begged him to support them while they were in the great igboudu.

Chudi Kashimavo Nnamuah is his real name. An Enugu state Nigerian actor. Isakaba 's children were the film that took it to the fore.

See the pictures he took recently:

He was seen in several other films since appearing in Isakaba.

The movie contains many other great stars, such as Sam Dede, chiwetalu Agu, Mike ogundu, John Okafor, Tom njemanze, Zulu Adigwe, Amechi mulonagor, and many others.

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