Meet 10 Nigerian Celebrities And Their Unique Signature Looks (Photos)

A signature look is that one thing you can't miss out in your daily looks. It is a representation of who you are. It is most common among artists, performers, entertainers, and actors. They wear characteristic clothes, hairstyles, or signs to make themselves more recognizable to the audience. For instance, even without seeing their face, you could tell them from the crowds.

A signature look makes a remarkable impression on your audience and set you aside from others. It is also a form of branding, the person has to embody and stand out.

Here, I have curated lists of Nigerian celebrities and their unforgettable signature looks;

1. Nancy Isime.

Blonde low-cut is Nancy's signature look, she may change the color from grey to silver or wine, and she always tock her haircut with single or double razored lines except a movie role says otherwise. Without telling her name, when you describe her adding the haircut, the person will guess her name first. Plus she is all shades of beauty and confident with her blonde hair.

2. Enioluwa

He is a charming young m

an, always with a glossy lip that even earns him the name "the lipstick boy" He is one of the men that doesn't care about stereotypes of beauty, he rocks makeup without attaching the crossdresser tag to it. Looking good through makeup or beauty routines should not be limited to ladies only.

3. Falz

The rapper is always wearing his lensless glasses. It's a look we have come to remember him with, I can't imagine him without them.

4. Ruger

He came into the spotlight in 2019. He is always on an eye patch which raised concerns and questions. I thought he had problems in the eyes that's why he's trying to hide. Recently, he was seen in a video without the patch and both eyes are well. His pink is also part of his signature look.

5. David

The afrobeat singer spends a fortune on customized jewelry; neck chains, earrings, and wristwatches. The earrings seem not to leave his ears though. There is no Davido without the expensive chains.

6. DJ Spinnal

7. DJ Cuppy

The disc jockey cum singer seems to have a thing or two for his cap, made traditionally with African prints. It is also a form of identity. The sunglasses too.

Pink hair plus pink everything including a penthouse and a Ferrari - that's how much DJ Cuppy has incorporated pink into her daily look.

8. Liquorose.

The dancer is popular for her tomboy outfits and her low-cut with imprinted arts on them.

9. Yemi Alade

She is called mama Africa for a reason. She is all about Africanism, she is always promoting the culture through her outfits, ornaments, and hairstyles. Everything that makes her Africa is her signature look.

10. Chidinma Ekile.

Short hair has been associated with her for her career before she made a switch to gospel songs.

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